Our team has created decks of all shapes, sizes, designs, and colours. Our architectural design skills along with our high attention to detail allow us to make your deck project a success, from the planning stages all the way to completion.

In the next section, you will get some more information on decks as well as important questions to think about before getting the project started including the design, type of wood to use, etc…

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Choosing Your Deck Design


Unlike our pergola design section, where there are only a few main design types, the number of deck designs varies just like the number of different hairs there are on your head. So for clients who have a good idea on the type of design they want, we always ask for pictures of the design before starting the project.

A good start might be to search “Deck Designs” on Google Images and scroll through the page until you find a few designs you like.

Once the design is set, the next most important part is the type of wood you want for your deck.

Choosing the Type of Wood

PT Wood

PT or Pressure Treated Wood is the standard go-to wood for decks. It’s treated to be resistent to rot, fungus, and insects, and is the most economical choice for the average deck.

If you want a longer-lasting deck (which comes at a higher upfront cost as well as a maintenance routine every 3-4 years), you may want to consider redwood or cedar.

Redwood or Cedar

Redwood or Cedar are also a very popular choice in decking because of it’s high durability and natural rot, fungal, and inect resistant properties. However, it’s drawback is its higher maintenance schedule. Redwood and Cedar must be power washed and restained every 2-3 years to protect it from the elements and to keep it looking great. The cost of Redwood and Cedar is approximately 2-3 times the price of PT wood, so it is something to keep in mind of when determining which is a better option for you.

Wood Composite

Wood composite is a newer type of decking material that is a mix between real wood and plastic. It’s result is a lower maintenance decking material with a similar level of aesthetic appeal. A composite deck is definitely a consideration when you want the look of real wood without the maintenance that comes along with it. Wood composite costs slightly more than Redwood and Cedar (around 3x the cost of PT wood).

Imported Hardwoods

If you want a high durability wood, kind of a step up from Redwood and Cedar, but don’t mind the yearly maintenance enough to warrant getting a wood composite deck, an imported hardwood deck might be an option for you. Depending on the rarity and type of wood you decide on (there are too many options to list here), the cost of a hardwood deck will vary a lot. If you want a very unique and luxurious deck and don’t mind the price, then hardwood may be the way to go. For more information on hardwood decks or any other inquiries related to decking, call us at 905-769-2030 and one of our experts will gladly help you!

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