Our team has the perfect balance of architectural design and construction experience to make make your dream pergola project come to life.

Whether you’re looking to a pergola masterpiece to define your recreational area, or just looking for something clean and simple, our team will guide you through the design process and create your dream pergola for you.

On this page, you will get some additional information on pergola design and options.

Choosing Your Pergola Design


Before building a pergola, you must choose a design you would like to go with. Each design features its own perks.

The Open Top Pergola is your traditional pergola that features a flat open roof area. This classic, iconic pergola is a beautiful addition to your living space.

The Pitched Pergola is like the classic Open Top Pergola, but has an angled roof area. This slightly improves water runoff but it’s main feature is for those who like the angled design.

The Gabled Pergola features a fully peaked roof like the tradition roof on a house. This design improves water runoff, but just like the Pitched Pergola, it’s main feature is for those who like a peaked roof design.


While close to 90% of all the pergolas we build don’t feature any add-ons, if you are like some who appreciate the added practicality over aesthetics, we have a few add-ons that you may enjoy.

Roofed Pergolas

A Pitched or Gabled Pergola can have a roof added onto it, either vinyl or traditional roofing material. We don’t recommend adding a roof to a Flat Top (Open Top) Pergola because of the risk of snow buildup. A Roofed Pergola protects you from the elements and is a viable choice for homeowners who want the added practicality.

Solar Panels

For those of you who want to be extra practical, a Pitched or Gabled Pergola can also have solar panels attached to add not only shelter from the elements, but also additional renewable energy coming into your home. For more information on our solar panel roofed pergolas, contact us via the phone.

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